Rating System

I rate the books on a scale 1-5 hearts, were 1 heart means I hated the book, and 5 hearts means I loved it. I also use half-ratings, meaning a book could get 3.5 hearts, for example. 

When I rate the books, I judge two things; how good the book was from an entertainment perspective, and how well-written it was.

When I judge how good it was, I judge these four things:
  • The characters (were they fun, nice or just annoying?)
  • The plot (was it good or boring?)
  • Was it engaging?
  • The ending (was it too obvious or was it surprising?)
When I judge how well-written it was, I judge these four things:
  • Was the plot coherent and easy to follow?
  • The narrative voice
  • Word choices
  • Details
What my ratings means:

5 hearts: A must read. Go buy it now!
4 hearts: A great read, I would definitely recommend.
3 hearts: A good read, but I found some things lacking.
2 hearts: An okay read, but not my taste.
1 heart: A bad read, can't recommend this book.

Disclaimer: All ratings on this site are completely unbiased and my own. I write my honest opinion. I do not recieve any compensation for my reviews or posts. All books I review at The Reading Faery I have purchased, borrowed or been provided by the authors, publishers, publicists, or any third party sites (such as Netgalley). I do not get paid to share my opinion.

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I receive some books from authors, publishers and third party sites (such as Netgalley). This does in no way affect my opinion, and all thoughts expressed on this blog are unbiased and my own. I do not get compensated in any way or form.