Rating System

I rate the books on a scale 1-5 hearts, were 1 heart means I hated the book, and 5 hearts means I loved it. On this blog, the ratings aren't rounded up or down, so a book could get the rating 3.6 or 4.3.

When I rate the books, I judge two things; how good the book was from an entertainment perspective, and how well-written it was.

When I judge how good it was, I judge these four things:
  • The characters (were they fun, nice or just annoying?)
  • The plot (was it good or boring?)
  • Was it engaging?
  • The ending (was it too obvious or was it surprising?)
When I judge how well-written it was, I judge these four things:
  • Was the plot coherent and easy to follow?
  • The narrative voice
  • Word choices
  • Details
What my ratings means:

5 hearts: A must read. Go buy it now!
4 hearts: A great read, I would definitely recommend.
3 hearts: A good read, but I found some things lacking.
2 hearts: An okay read, but not my taste.
1 heart: A bad read, can't recommend this book.

Disclaimer: All ratings on this site are completely unbiased and my own. I write my honest opinion. I do not recieve any compensation for my reviews or posts. All books I review at Bookshelf Adventures I have purchased, borrowed or been provided by the authors, publishers, publicists, or any third party sites (such as Netgalley). I do not get paid to share my opinion.

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