Saturday, 24 October 2015

Swoon Worthy Saturday: Reece from Wait for You series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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I'm back from being MIA for the week. I was planning on posting something yesterday, but life got in the way, but I'm back now, with a super swoon worthy guy, so keep reading!

 My pick for today is Reece Anders from Fall with Me, the fourth book in Wait for Me series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I picked him because he is so protective of the main character, Roxy, and he is just so ... perfect. And he's a cop, an incredibly hot cop, which makes him ten times more swoon worthy. 
Reece is a former marine, now cop, which is probably why he is so protective. He hates lies, because of his father. He is described as "clasically handsome"; angular cheekbones, full lips, and "an honest-to-God jawline that could cut cheesecakes all day long". He has blue eyes (I love blue eyes, just FYI) and is described as, to mention a one, "panties-on-fire hot" and naked, he "could seriously induce a visual orgasm". I love Roxy's descriptions, which can truly be hilarious. I love descriptions like these, they make the book so much better.
Swoon Worthy Moment:
“Remember everything I said in the bedroom? I'm scared, too. And there are times I question what I deserve, but we're in this together. So fall with me," he said, smoothing his thumbs along my cheekbones. "Let yourself go and fall with me, and baby, I will catch you. I will get you through this. You just got to take that risk.”
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If that quote doesn't make you swoon, then I don't know what will. Jennifer is so great at making swoon worthy guys, it's unbelievable.

If you want to check out my review, click here.

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