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Character Interview: Dev from The Dreamland series by E.J. Mellow

I am so excited to share this interview with you guys today! The last book in The Dreamland series by E.J. Mellow, The Destined, will be released in two days, on Monday. In two days! Can you believe it? In two days, it will be over. I already read it, and it was really amazing, and the perfect ending to the series, although I am really sad to say good-bye to all the characters and to Terra. This series is truly great, and I will miss it so much. If you want to read my review of it, follow this link.

If you haven't read the series yet, it's on sale at Amazon for $ 0.99, and you can also preorder The Destined for the same price. But hurry up, because it ends tomorrow!


Dev Interview
Dev takes a seat across from Moa, stretching out his long legs and crossing them at the ankle. He wears his traditional Terra uniform of black pants and t-shirt. 

“Thanks for having me today,” he says. “Or rather, thanks for coming here. I heard it was quite the feat getting you to Terra for this interview.” 

 “It might have been a little tricky.” Moa smiles. “But I’m very honored the elders allowed me access through my sleep. Best dream ever!”

Dev chuckles, his blue eyes lighting up with the sound.

“Okay.” Moa clears her throat while getting out a few notecards. “Since I might wake up any moment, let’s start the interview, shall we?”

“Gladly.” Dev inclines his head. 

For an icebreaker, could you tell us three things about you that we didn’t know? 

“Hmm.” Dev scratches his stubble filled chin. “Well, I can speak every human language there is. I don’t really know why, but I can. I also have a thing for sweets. Give me those jellybeans you guys have on Earth any day.” Dev grins. “And a third would probably be that I’m left handed.”

What’s your happiest memory?

“Definitely when Molly took me flying. It was just…” Dev glances away for a moment. “Amazing.”

Biggest fear?

Dev’s wistful gaze sharpens. “Well…I’m kind of living it right now. Being separated from Molly.”

“Yes.” Moa frowns. “We’re all hoping that gets fixed soon.”

“Me too.”

What do you like the most and the least about Terra?

“I like that our world has little to no pollution or garbage. I don’t know how some humans can treat Earth the way they.” Dev wrinkles his nose. “But I do wish we had some of the animals that you have, like whales or elephants. Those guys are really cool.” 

What is your favourite thing about Molly? 

“I can only pick one?” Dev asks, running a hand through his hair. “Probably my favourite thing about Molly would be her compassion. She’d laugh if she heard that answer, given how much she fought with me in the beginning, but it’s true. Molly can find the good in just about anyone, which made it difficult for her to first fight the Metus. If she had it her way, violence would be the absolute last thing she’d want to use to solve a problem.”  

If you lived on Earth, what sort of job would you like to have?

“It would have to be something outdoors. I could never be cooped up inside an office and it would be awesome if it allowed me to travel a lot. So maybe an archeologist?” Dev laughs. “Is that unrealistic? I also wouldn’t mind having a job similar to what I do now. Maybe be in the military.”

What will you do right after this interview ends?

“What won’t I be doing? As you’ll soon find out, the war is getting darker here in Terra. So I’ll be heading straight to meet my unit for a debrief before seeing which section outside the wall needs help.” 

Moa brows raise. “Oh well, we definitely don’t want to keep you from that.” She holds out a hand. “Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us Dev and we all look forward to reading what will happen in The Destined.”

“It was my pleasure,” Dev says as they both stand.  “And yes, Terra knows I’m anxious to see what E.J. has in store for us as well.”

That was all for today! Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you E.J. and Dev for doing this interview!

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