Sunday, 21 January 2018

Lovely Winter Wonderland

This post is a little bit late, considering the holidays are just about over, but here, winter is just starting, so I decided to post this anyway. Winter is coming (see what I did there?) with the cold and snow and ice – and cosy days in, with a book in your lap and a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. For these hard times, any self-respecting bookworm needs a proper TBR filled with amazing Winter Wonderland-y books to keep the cold out. Whether it’s a sweet holiday romance or a cold fantasy novel, we all need them. So I decided to hopefully make your work a little easier by making a list of the best wintry reads, everything from sweet holiday romances to beautiful sports romances to frozen-to-the-bone fantasy, this list has something for every YA reader.

First off, we have What Light by Jay Asher. This is one super sweet holiday read. It’s about Sierra, whose family runs a Christmas tree farm in Oregon. Every winter, they leave Oregon to set up a Christmas tree lot in California. And this year is different than all the ones that came before, because this year, Sierra meets Caleb, and sparks fly. Problem is, Sierra’s family might have to close the lot, and they might not return next year.

What Light is a good romance read, and a great holiday read. It’s sweet and romantic, but it’s also serious. I liked that. That being said, even if you’re wanting something light and sweet, this is definitely worth giving a try, because the majority of it is sweet and light.

My second pick is not technically a holiday read, but it is a wintry read, and it features hot hockey players, so I couldn’t not feature it here. Center Ice is the first book in the Corrigan Falls series by Cate Cameron, and it’s a beautiful story. I already mentioned the hot hockey players (though it’s worth mentioning again), but I also adore the main character, Karen, who is a perfect example of a relatable, independent main character. Karen just moved to Corrigan Falls after her mother died, and she’s forced to live with the father who left and his perfect family.

It’s a beautiful story about redemption and second chances, about the grief of losing a parent, and the gratefulness to find a new one, and the worry of letting your family down, disappointing them, and the wonders of first love. It’s an incredible story, as are the other books in the series, so you should definitely get to reading.

My last pick is a fantasy book that I actually read when I was very young, but one I remember I loved a lot. My last pick is Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Strange things are going on in Mercy Falls. A girl is killed by wolves. And then Grace befriends a guy in town – one that has eyes the exact replica of one of the wolves that lives behind her house.

Shiver is perfect for this time of year. It’s cold, dangerous, and will make your heart race – and will make you grateful at least it’s not as cold as it is in the book. Although it will definitely not help keep you warm during the cold winter months – in fact, it will probably have you shivering, instead (pun totally intended).

And that was it for today! I hope these recommendations may have helped you a bit with your winter TBR. What are your favourite winter reads?

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