Thursday, 2 June 2016

Top 3: Fantasy Books Featuring Faeries

I will list my five favourite YA books/series featuring faeries. I love reading about faeries, because they're so... well, evil, mostly. Faeries are one of my favourite fantasy elements, and there are just so many great books about them. Here are my favourites. I'll add links to Goodreads below every book, as well as links to my review of it (if I wrote one).

5. Wondrous Strange

I've only read the first book so far, but I see a lot of potential for the next book. I loved the faeries in this book (most of all Sony). I loved the way the fae were portrayed, and I liked the plot. A great book for fans of faeries (the darker kind, not the children's version).

4. The Iron Fey

Okay, maybe this could've been higher up on this list, but the thing is, I have read a lot of great books with faeries, so fourth Place it is. What I loved about this series was that Kagawa used the thing faeries absolutely hate in every story, every legend there is, and used it more than as a weapon. She made a whole new species of faeries, and I loved it. I loved that she used the modern technology and made a different type of faery that is pretty much the nightmare of any faery. Really great idea! Add on Goodreads!

3. Paranormalcy

I hate Reth with a passion. He seriously freaks me out. The other faeries seriously freak me out, too. These are not the sweet faeries you read about when you're a child, that's for certain.
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My review

2. Lady Midnight

Okay, so far, I've only read Lady Midnight (waiting anxiously for the next book), but it was great. This book was more about faeries than the previous Shadowhunter books, which I liked. I can honestly say that I hate these faeries more than in any other book I've read (only exception being Mark and Helen, both half-faery). Especially the Queen. She's absolutely awful (although we don't get to meet her in Lady Midnight, just in The Mortal Instruments). I also love that Clare really used the Cold Peace from City of Heavenly Fire.
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1. Throne of Glass series

The faeries aren't really introduced until the second book, and we meet them more in the third book, but I absolutely love it. The fantasy is absolutely amazing, the world-building is capturing and the faeries are great!
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My review of Crown of Midnight
My review of Heir of Fire

And that was my favourite YA books about faeries! Of course, these are just some of them, there are a lot more that I've read and loved, but these five were the best. Did you agree with my picks, or do you have any other favourites about faeries? Do you like reading about faeries, or do you have another fantasy creature you just love reading about? Tell me in the comments!

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