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Review: Guardian of Secrets (Library Jumpers #2) by Brenda Drake

*I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is no way affects my opinion, all opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.*
Title: Guardian of Secrets
Author: Brenda Drake
My rating: 4 hearts
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Pub. date: February 7th 2017
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
SynopsisBeing a Sentinel isn’t all fairytales and secret gardens.

Sure, jumping through books into the world’s most beautiful libraries to protect humans from mystical creatures is awesome. No one knows that better than Gia Kearns, but she could do without the part where people are always trying to kill her. Oh, and the fact that Pop and her had to move away from her friends and life as she knew it.

And if that isn’t enough, her boyfriend, Arik, is acting strangely. Like, maybe she should be calling him “ex,” since he’s so into another girl. But she doesn’t have time to be mad or even jealous, because someone has to save the world from the upcoming apocalypse, and it looks like that’s going to be Gia.

Maybe. If she survives. (synopsis from Goodreads)

I really enjoyed this book. I did. I was just a little disappointed, because of how much I loved the first book. But, I love the characters, and the plot was great, the only problem was that it was a little slow, and I just wasn’t as captivated as I was in Thief of Lies. But it was still a great read!

   I love Gia.

   In Guardian of Secrets, she’s in hiding. She is a Sentinel, and totally badass. She’s independent and stubborn and really fun to follow. And she continues growing. And I really liked seeing her and Deidre grow closer. What I love about all characters is that they’re not good or bad, it’s not just black or white, but everyone is both good and bad, and a lot of people aren’t quite what they seem. It makes for a much more realistic book; in reality, people are actually good and bad.

   The romance was good.

   I absolutely love Arik. I really, really love him. Which is why this book completely broke my heart. Because there is more of a love triangle in Guardian of Secrets. Gia grows closer to Bastien, and, while he’s a nice guy and all, he’s not Arik. So, I’m a bit torn about the next book. On one hand, I feel like it would be annoying if Gia changed her mind about them again. On the other hand, I really need her and Arik to be together!

   The plot was a bit slow.

   Because of this, it was a bit difficult to get into, and didn’t succeed in keeping my attention as well as Thief of Lies did. But, after about half the book, things got more interesting, there was more action and the last part of the book, I finished very quickly, because I just had to know how things would end.

   I absolutely love the world!

   I mentioned this in my review of the first book, but the idea behind the world and plot is absolutely amazing! I mean, you can just tell from the title of the series (Library Jumpers) that it’s totally perfect for booklovers. And it is! I love the whole stuff about people jumping through books into different libraries all over the world, and there being people supposed to protect libraries. It’s original and completely unique, and I love it!

   Overall, Guardian of Secrets was a great read, and I really enjoyed it! The characters are relatable and realistic, and I’m in love with the world. It’s a totally unique read, and I would definitely recommend it! Don’t give up because it’s slow in the beginning, because it’s so worth finishing it.

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