Saturday, 2 April 2016

Swoon Worthy Saturday: Razor from Thunder Road Series by Katie McGarry

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I'm posting a lot this week, since I'm on break, and I'm also posting a lot about Walk the Edge, that was released earlier this week! Have you gotten it yet? It is so, so amazing, and you really should get it if you haven't read it yet, because you're really missing out! Today, it will be all about Razor.
I liked Razor in Nowhere but Here but loved him in Walk the Edge. I swear I fell for him at hello. With his blond hair and ice blue Eyes, he's absolutely gorgeous. He's known for his dangerous edge. He's loyal and very protective of the people he cares about. There isn't much he wouldn't do for the people he cares about. The people in Snowflake are pretty terrified of him, because of that dangerous edge, but you really just have to get to know him. And the chemistry between him and Breanna is so intense and it was amazing to follow his thoughts.
Swoon Worthy Moments:
“'I’ll tell you what … if you want wild – if you want a kiss that breaks the rules, I’ll give you one, but not here, not now.' 
I think my heart exploded. Razor of the Reign of Terror – the guy all the girls have dreams about for years – has offered to kiss me. 'When?' 
'When I say.' His lips edge up, sending a thrill through my bloodstream. 'If you have the nerve.'”
This is pretty early in the book, and I had a major fangirl attack over it.
“I need you to make a choice, Breanna. If you want things to stay as they are between us, then I need you to walk out that door. Otherwise, it’s going to change.” 
She tilts her head as if she’s as lost in emotion as I am. “It’s already changed.” 
A part of me mourns for her. She’s the firefly I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep alive, but I shove those thoughts away. Breanna is here, and she isn’t leaving, which means she’s mine.”
I loved this moment. I won't say too much, to avoid spoiling anything for you, but it was such a great, intense moment.

So, what did you think of my SWS? Do you think he is as swoon worthy as I do, or do you have another SWS? Share your thoughts below

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